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    Developer: Mechanism Digital
    Price: $0.99
    Version Reviewed: 1.1

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    iTunes Rating: 3.0
    My Thoughts Over the App: 3.0
    User Interface: 5
    Overall Rating: 3.5

    Did you know you could breathe fire with your iPhone without burning anything?

    You would think iBreatheFire is only for iPhone, but iPod touch users can also experience the fire breathing. For iPhone users, all you have to do is breathe into the mic, and you have ignited the fire. The other way to ignite the fire for iPod touch users is just tap/hold on the screen. This app is a pretty simple toy that you may not always use, but it is a good way to show off your touch-screen gadget to your friends.

    The user interface of iBreatheFire is developed better than most of the apps that do the same thing. This fire created in iBreatheFire is very realistic looking and clear. The graphics on this app are almost as real as when the people on the magic shows blow fire! Another cool thing is that you can change the color of the fire (the colors are below). Although this app does what it says and does it amazingly, it doesnt do much but the same thing over and over again. I think the developers should add something to it.

    iBreatheFire’s creativeness and quality has given it a better rating that other apps similar to it on the AppStore. The one drawback to this app is it does nothing else but breathe fire. It may not keep you busy for a while. Other than that the app is awesome. Overall, iBreatheFire deserves a 3.5 out of 5 star rating! Please rate and comment on what you think about this app! Thanks !

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