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    Developer: Mechanism Digital
    Price: $0.99
    Version Reviewed: 1.1.0

    iTunes Link

    iTunes Rating: 3.5
    My Thoughts Over the App: 3.0
    User Interface: 5
    Overall Rating: 3.0

    Here is another great app made by Mechanism Digital! Do you want to explode things without the hassle of actually exploding things?

    iBoom is similar to iBreatheFire except in iBoom you have to tap the screen in different places for explosions and fire. A neat feature that is also included that gives you a feel for the explosion is that when something explodes the iPhone will vibrate. Also, with all the different explosions are various sounds. In the bottom right hand corner of the main screen is a little information button, and on the opposite side is a button that shows you the other apps that they have created.

    Like I have said in my other app reviews for Mechanism Digital, they always have awesome quality in what the app is showing. iBoom has many different explosion animations and sounds which makes it more entertaining, but once you discover all of these sounds and animations, the app does get boring. Then you can’t do much with it. I think the developers to this app should add something where you can blow up objects or maybe even blow up/burn a picture from your camera roll.

    iBoom with its overall creativeness and quality is a great app, but like many apps in the AppStore, it doesn’t do much and can get boring quick. Although it is one of those “toy” apps, it is great to show off to your friends the quality and fun things you can do with your iPhone or iPod touch. The tremendous quality of this app do bring up the rating for iBoom. Overall, iBoom deserves a 3 out of 5 star rating! Please rate and comment on what you think about this app! Thanks!

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    Some screenshots would be very helpful.

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