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    Developer: Mechanism Digital
    Price: $0.99
    Version Reviewed: 1.017

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    iTunes Rating: 3.0
    My Thoughts Over the App: 3.0
    User Interface: 5
    Overall Rating: 3.5

    This is a hilarious virtual eye that is fun to play with!

    On the main screen of iBlink is the eye itself and two buttons on the right side of the iPhone/iPod touch (near the home button). When the iPhone is held horizontally with the home button to the right, the button at the top right of the screen takes you to a settings type menu. This is where you can change the eye type to different color human eyes, a cat eye, and much more. When you flip back to the main screen of iBlink the botton on the bottom right takes you to a screen that shows the apps that are also made by Mechanism Digital. There are many fun things that you can do in iBlink, such as poking the eye to make it close and blink back open very red. When you poke it in the eye, it also makes different sounds or says funny things. You can control the movement of the eye by dragging your finger around the edges of the screen. There are many more features that will make you laugh.

    This app as well as all others made my Mechanism Digital have very high quality graphics that make the eye look very realistic. Another plus to iBlink is that you can change the eye type which adds more or less features. The amount of funny things that come out of this app is awesome. Like most apps, there are some bad things about them. iBlink doesn’t have anything that is bad functionality wise, but it is one of those apps that won’t really keep you playing with it for a while. It is fun to play with though.

    Mechanism Digital’s virtual eye app is great for entertaining yourself when you’re really bored or just showing off the hilarious things that your iPhone can do, but it is one of those one time use things. iBlink does have amazing graphics which do pull its ratings up, and another thing is its creativity with the different eye choices and sounds. Mechanism Digital’s iBlink deserves a 3.5 out of 5 star rating! Please rate and comment on what you think about this app! Thanks!e

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