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    Today I will be reviewing Griffin's iClear case for the iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation.

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    It is $19.99 USD and you can find it at http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/iclear

    The Griffin iClear is a case with a transparent front half and a frosted clear back half that snap together to form a hard shell case. It includes a screen protector and cleaning cloth.

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    The case has a great lip the comes over the top of the iPod so you can place it face down on a table, and the table won't scratch the screen. It has all ports (sleep button, volume rockers etc...) open and easy to access. It also does not add very much bulk to your iPod as it is slim plastic that is very form fitting.


    It is very hard to take off. Granted, there is a tiny slit at the bottom right hand corner of the case where you are can put a coin in and twist to remove it. I personally don't like this feature because you could possibly scratch the bevel on the iPod while attempting to get it off. I have found that trying to take off this case any other way seems literally impossible.


    The Griffin iClear is one of the best hard cases on the market. It offers superior shock and scratch protection. The case (with the screen protector and cleaning cloth) is a steal at $19.99.


    Highly Recommended

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