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    Today I will be reviewing Griffin's "Clouds Within The Thunder" case for the iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation.

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    It is $34.99 USD and you can find it at http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/clouds-within-the-thunder

    The Griffin "Clouds Within The Thunder" is a super-slim, one piece case that snaps around your iPod Touch. It features artwork by Joe Van Wetering. It is the latest design from the Griffin + Threadless.com lineup.

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    The case provides protection from scratches, dust, light drops, and "boringness". It adds less than 1mm of thickness to your iPod, which makes it feel like nothing is even there. It also has a wonderful matte feeling to it.


    It has limited protection from heavy drops and other accidents. It has no lip, like what the Griffin iClear has, to protect the iPod's screen. All the ports (sleep button, volume rockers etc...) are exposed. It also has no screen shield included.


    The Griffin "Clouds Within The Thunder" case is a very cool case for someone who doesn't need a lot of protection but wants to give their device some style. I don't think it is an everyday usage case because I would be afraid as to what could happen if I dropped my iPod while it is in this case. I would also say the price is a little steep at $34.99 for a case that has low-end protection and no screen shield included.



    If you don't like the case, be sure to check out threadless.com because you might enjoy the t-shirt.

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