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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ShizerMonkey, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Ok guys so this is going to be my first ever review on this website ... Hope you enjoy....

    The Product I'l be reviewing is : Gear4's X-Sheild

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    Eng. Pound : £18.99
    US Dollars : $30.85

    Why I like it

    Well I personally like it as it combines hard plastic with premium leather for the ultimate in a protection and style compromise, and It feels pricey thou it does cost £18.99, I feel its well worth it !
    The case comes in a variety of colors Pink/White for the girly type , Brown/Black for those into their cases and finally Black/Red for those average Joe's like me ! The Back of the Case has been designed with leather and sowed around the edges !
    Finally Its Completed with a hard Black/White plastic to protect the phone from any dents while falling or scrapes on the back as you slide it in and out of your pocket !

    Why I don't Like It

    Unfortunately the case does come with some down sides, For incense its hard to extract the idevice from the case to give your device a clean or a simple admiring , it also is unable to fit onto any speakers or chargers you might have and theirs been some complains of the case actually scraping your device so just a heads up on that one !


    The Gear4 X-Shield Case for iPod Touch 2G and Iphone 3g/s offers a hard plastic shell to protect all the precious contours of your idevice. The leather back in cool pink, brown or black is high quality and adds a stylish twist to this unique case.
    This case has a simple but hard slide mechanism so it can be a little awkward yo remove.

    Personally Ive been using it for a while and all I can say is that its defiantly worth the Time and Dosh ! It feels good in your hand and protects your idevice in those times of need ! Thou it could be improved via the hard slide release , thou don't let this put you off the case as its a small matter of just pulling really hard and it should come out easy as that !

    So I give it 6/10

    Again Keep in Mind this is my first Review !

    Thanks for your time....

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    Not bad for a first review. There should not be so many spaces between the pictures, and the font is rather large.

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