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    Defend Your Castle is a port from a Wii Game, that had been originally been ported from a Flash Game created by XGen Studios.

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    In Defend Your Castle, your goal is to... defend you castle. To defend your castle, you have to grab, and flick the little stickmen into the air, causing them to fall to their death. Killing the incoming stickmen rewards you with points that allow you to upgrade your castle. Defending your castle for the day brings you to a menu where you can repair, or upgrade your castles defenses, or upgrades that let you recruit stickmen to your team by dropping them into a blue paint can. Once you recruit a good number of stickmen, you are able to turn them into archers, magicians, demolition men, or stone masons. Archers shoot down incoming stickmen, magicians cast spells on the stickmen, demolition men run out onto the field with bombs, and stone masons repair your castle walls. After a number of levels, the stickmen start bringing weapons, and beasts that help tear down your castle. Stickmen start carrying popsicle sticks, bombs, catapults, and even bottle cap beasts. Altogether Defend Your Castle is a very simple, but addicting game that brings you hours of gameplay.

    Gameplay in Defend Your Castle is very simple, but can bring you hours of enjoyment. You have to flick the stickmen into the air, cast spells, and upgrade your castle to successfully defend you castle from the incoming stickmen. The game can get very difficult, when you start to get to around level 25, because its non-stop flicking and casting spells. For an iPhone game, this has got to be one of the most addicting, an 8/10, would have been a lot more addicting if you level the single stickmen, or have people out on the field that hack and slash the incoming stickmen.

    Defend Your Castles graphics are wonder, as if they were from a child’s pop-up book. The stickmen look as if they were drawn with crayons, the clouds and the castle made from construction paper, and the bottle cap beast looks like they glued googly eyes to a bottle cap and drew crayon legs on it. I love the artwork, which goes great with the game and the sound. The Sound is all peppy and happy. From the screams of the stickmen, the grunts of the bottle cap beasts, the sound on the upgrade menu, and the sounds of the stickmen hitting your castle. When you play this game, you are going to want to plug your earphones in, and stop the music and listen to the sounds and music in the game. 9/10.

    Lasting Appeal:
    You can put endless hours into this game. There are endless amounts of waves, where the difficulty increases each time. There are also 45 trophys or achievement that you can achieve from playing the game. 9/10.

    Overall, Defend Your Castle is a great game, and at a special price of .99$ (Originally 1.99$), it’s a must buy… even if you haven’t played the other ones. After reading this, and your still sketchy about buying the game, you download a lite version for free HERE. Im going to give this game a 9/10, because there could’ve been more added to the gameplay.

    You can download a Microsoft Word version of this Review, with more pictures, and a better format... HERE!. I made this review in like 10 minutes, i hope you guys like the game!

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