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    Bricks of Camelot

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    General info:
    Price: 0.99$
    Developer: Donut Games
    The Review
    As you can guess from its name, Bricks of Camelot is related to bricks. Well at least smashing them. This is a classic game of smashing little bricks with a ball. It would be really boring if it would be that plain and simple no wouldn't it? Well Donut Games did a mighty fine job with this game.
    Well let us begin tour inside the game shall we?
    When you launch the app the first thing you will see is the menu:

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    It aint the pretyest menu in the world but it does the job.
    In the settings menu you can see the following:

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    Not much options, but hey, you can change the balls color.
    And now we shall investigate the gameplay.

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    You use your finger to drag the bat ( the flat moving surface at the bottom) and hit the ball with so it doesn't fall into the void. The ball that hits the bat ricochets into bricks above your bat. Sometimes power-ups may fall when you smash a brick. Those include: an extra life, expanding or shrinking the bat, slowing or speeding up the ball, adding several more balls into the play , letting your bat shoot arrows, summoning some lightning, that hits bricks and eve an eagle that poops gems.
    Every brick you smash has a nice effect. You hit s stone and it crumbles to dust, you hit a chest and all sorts of valuables spill from it, you smash a barrel an it breaks into several planks. There are also many special bricks that add more fun to the gameplay: swords that break bricks, bombs, treasures, thunder bricks and more. Its really awesome when you have 5 or more balls and they begin mayhem. Bombs exploding, lightning striking and a whole lot more of dazzling effects. There are a total of 48 levels, which makes the game a long lasting one.
    The Rating:
    Gameplay: 5. As i said above, the gameplay is really fun.
    Graphics: 4. Im not comparing this game to games like assasins creed or the sims 3, but for its genre the graphics are awesome. The only downside are the menus. They really could be better.
    Sound: 3. This is the biggest downside of the game. It sounds really old. Like polyphonic ringtones. Well maybe someone might like it, but atleast for me it sucks balls.
    Replay value: 5. Trying to complete the game and reach some high scores might take a long time
    Finnal rating:

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    A nice timewaster, that will keep you playing for hours

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