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    I've used Brando screen protectors for years on several PDAs and was always very happy with them. They are priced well (about 10 $ at shop.brando.uk.tk + 3$ shipping; also available at ebay), very durable and you don't have to cut something out of a bigger foil.

    I've an older Palm device with the same protector for 4 years. It doesn't have any scratches (I didn't use any case), I never had to remove it or clean it with something else than a moist piece of cloth.

    And they are (relatively) easy to attach (without any fluid). It takes some time so be patient. If you attach it slowly bubbles are quite unlikely to appear , but if some do appear you can slide them out with a credit card. If you got dust under your screen protector while attaching it you can use some scotch tape to remove it by touching the dust with the sticky side of the tape. The material is stiff enough that it does not wrinkle.

    The Protector is also washable with water and a bit of soap. I never had to do that so I don't have any experience with this cleaning method.

    I bought Anti-Reflection Screen Protector because I hate reflections in the sun. Another good thing about these anit-reflection protectors is that their surface isn't as smooth like the screen or glossy ones and because of that you have a better sense while moving your finger on the screen. It feels more natural, maybe like moving your finger on paper. Finger prints or smudges are almost invisible. The view is excellent.

    The cutout for the home button is a bit larger, maybe 0,5 mm but I'm fine with that.

    Overall this is one of the best screen protectors you can buy for your iPod Touch (2G) or iPhone and it isn't expensive

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    I love it and so will you.

    Ratings: x/10
    protection: 10 (based on older experience with the same material)
    cut out: 9
    finger traction: 10
    glossiness: 0

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    Overall: 9.5/10 (I would like to give 10/10 but maybe in another universe is a better one

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