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    Price: 6$
    Lite: Bedlam LT
    Played on: iPod, iPhone, Telnet, Mud client
    Rating 4.5/5

    I heard about bedlam from some old gaming friends. Our favorite game had just been closed and we were looking for a game to waste time with. They were the ones who told me about bedlam, they were beta testers infact they insisted i play it so i bought it and tried it out. Immediately it sent me to the help screen. Impressed i read one trying to remember everything. The thing that really impressed me was that whenever i asked a question my friends and complete strangers could answer. If you’re first trying out bedlam be ready to learn because it has a very steep learning curve


    Considering bedlam is a MUD type game the graphics are decent. If your looking for a World of Warcraft running around game bedlam is not ideal. you move from room to room using the arrows on the bottom left. The reason it has good graphics is the character icons and room pictures since they are very detailed and unique to a limit.


    Movement is very simple in bedlam at the bottom left is a arrow bar with the movements: North, East, South, West, Up, and Down. These are used to move between rooms. Theres over 10000 rooms in bedlam.

    The Come-Back Factor

    The world of Bedlam is virtually endless. the players that have been playing since december have barely scratched the surface of all the different places of bedlam. Some RPGs brag about having 100 hours of playability Well iv’e been playing bedlam for around 30 days of actual playtime and i’m not bored


    Bedlams a really fun game after you surpass The STEEP learning curve. the learning curve may be one of the only drawbacks but its totally worth the climb in every way imaginable. As i wrote above theres always something to come back for be it Equipment Exploring Dueling or just leveling up any number of characters


    Almost every character in bedlam is unique. You can choose male or female then you choose one of the 16 races ( including elf dwarf human etc) and then you choose what class your character is (mage, cleric, warrior, thief) and then even after that you choose what you specialize in depending on your class. so theres so many different combinations to try.

    Overall bedlam is a great game and even though the price tag may be a draw back for some players its 100% worth it. i encourage anyone who wants to kill some time to download it immediately! if you have any questions i’m on alot ingame name is Bigcheese or Dart depending on what i’m doing.
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    The pictures don't show it's 'good graphics'. Personally, I feel they look pretty poor in those pictures. Are you the dev?
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    Try some formatting, you would be amazed how much better this review will look if you just do a simple bold-ing and text-size changing.

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