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    Ok my first app reveiw here it goes.....

    Have you eve wanted to be a secret agent? Well agency wars allows you to do just that. In agency wars you choose a faction (CIA, KGB or M16) and based on that faction start out in a city (Washington, Moscow or London) In each city there are 10 missions you can do each with its own difficulties and requirments. Once you start a mission you select the wepon type that you will use to complete it (knife, Gun or explosive) additional wepons avalible that make you chances for sucsess better in that feild.

    There is a lite version offering only 10 missions and 4 paid versions each offering all the same featers except for the fact that the more expensive ones offer more points that you can use to buy special wepons. The cheapest paid version is the 20 point version currently at 2.99


    The missions are the main part of agency wars. The missions are similare to those of a text based adventure where you are given the mission breifing and any bonuses that may go along with it for example you may need to kill someone but if you leave no trace of his body you get extra chash, if you don't you still complete the mission you just don't get the extra money) you then commence the mission it gives you the senario and then 3 options eather useing you knife, gun or explosives you select an option and it takes you back to the mission finished screen that tells you if you completed it and how you did it. Missions require energy to do however. Your energy regenerates over time (time changes based on stats) some missions also require a certain amount of conatacts (or freinds) to do.

    Joint missions

    In a joint mission you and other players from around the world will take place in a mission together. Joint missions don't cost energy and offer better rewards but only if EVERYONE passes the mission.

    Items are aquired by buying them from the black market (NPC's) or other agents (people selling there stuff online) the black market offers more simple items and usually isn't the best place to go. Other agents is the best option as there is usually more stuff and you can somtimes get better deals.

    As you progress through missions you get experence. Once you level up you get stat points which you can use to upgrade your stats. These stats can do alot of differnt things such as increase your health, damage with certain wepons, speed of energy regeneration, ammount of intelegence ect.

    Fighting other agents
    If you have a high enough intellegence you can fight other agents. This will allow you to take a fraction of there money if you win. They can do the same to you however. If a certain agent keeps beating you you can add them to your hitlist to attack at any time.

    Wraping it all up
    In general agency wars is a fun game. It is defenatly the best text adventure-like game out there and is worth the 3$. However I HIGHLY recomend you try the lite version first. over all agency wars gets a

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    Is this a role playing game?
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    Some pics would be nice.

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