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    A few weeks ago, Hands-On Mobile released a game called 3D Alaskan Hunt.

    Graphics: 9.5/10

    As you can tell by the Picture, The graphics are extremely detailed. This makes the game very easy to get into. The only problems are as far as I could tell were When you Zoomed in to something rather close to you or too far away. When this happened you could see Lines made by just a bunch of shapes shoved together.

    Sound: 10/10

    The sound effects each fit in their place perfectly, and each was very clear.
    (by the way if you here a snorting sound start looking around wildly for a bear running toward you

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    Game play: 6/10

    It was very fun. However,I Wish i could give it better. You get skins depending on how many animals you kill. You use these to buy from a variety of about 10 items , most of which you only get once. You can buy ammo also, depending on how much you feel like shooting. At first, you can only shoot deer. Then as you get more skins you can buy tags for other creatures, such as Bears (eventually). So you ask, what is wrong? Well, after you get all of the items and tags, which took me about half an hour, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing. No new places, no Easter eggs, NOTHING. just shooting. Which gets boring very fast when you aren't striving for anything. BTW there is only ONE place you go to. The same thing every time.

    Controls: 5/10

    One of the things that made the iphone/ipod touch so popular was the multi touch screen. Every good app/game should use this to their advantage. So you would probably think that this game should allow you to move the cross hairs by dragging them around the screen. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As you can see in the picture, there are 5 buttons on the bottom right of the screen. You use the to control and fire. This kind of kills the game, although you get used to it eventually.

    Overall: overall I would give it a 5or 6 out of 10. Great graphics and sound effects don't make up for the quickly boring gameplay and messy controls. All I can say is even though its 99 cents, don't invest in it until a future update.

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    Im tryin to find a good hunting game, thanks for the heads up, cuz I wont be buying this one!

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