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Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 3.0' started by Exosion, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Well here's my review of the beta.

    I was skeptical to install it at first, but now that I have I'm not turning back. As an iPod Touch owner, I was more than happy at all the new features 3.0 brought and the features that will be utilized by developers as time goes on. There are two key points I want to review on the new firmware and that is Spotlight and Bluetooth. First of all, the Spotlight's performance is unbelievable considering what it is. It runs smoothly, with no delay at all. It's truly the the perfect addition to the iPod Touch. To make it even better, the music app now features searching which makes live even better. I have noticed it's a bit buggy (coverflow is not playing songs) and my songs occasionally skip, but other than that I've been extremely happy.

    The bluetooth function on the iPod Touch only supports A2DP at the moment (stereo headsets), which isn't necessarily bad. The fact that it now supports bluetooth makes me jump for joy for two reasons: 1) I can finally use my Jaybird headphones without that annoying adapter and 2) at my school wifi is not open to anyone. In fact, you can't get internet without a school computer. Now, with the new tethering features unlocked in 3.0 on the iPhone firmware, I can tether via bluetooth to a friend's iPhone. Ironically, I haven't noticed any significant battery reduction while keeping bluetooth and wifi enabled, which needless to say, is a BIG bonus.

    The big update to me is the update to you youtube app. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to watch my subscriptions without having to manually find them. This remake was perfect! The only thing now that I wish was that the app supported landscape, but I'd rather just have springboard in itself support landscape mode.

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    Overall, there are many bugs in 3.0 that get annoying at some points. Safari videos do not support landscape for some reason, I'm having trouble using coverflow, and the app store freezes whenever I hit install. Other than that, I give 3.0 a big two thumbs up for a beta.
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    I'm not going to read through what you wrote, but you do know that you're going against the NDA by publicly posting this, correct?
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    Read, it's good for you.

    Nice review, hopefully you won't get teh ban hammerz.

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