Restoring jailbroken 2G Touch & warranty repair.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by fA7AL, Feb 13, 2010.

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    So I have a 16Gb 2G jailbroken Touch, running 3.0 f/w.

    This week the backlight decided to die on me, luckily it's under warranty until June. I'm in a regional location with no apple store near me. There is however a certified apple repairer in my town.

    The problem obviously is, that the device is jailbroken. What is the easiest and safest way of restoring it to the factory settings, and firmware that it shipped with?.

    Can I simply back it up as it is now in iTunes, restore it, and use the back-up when it's repaired to get it back to it's current state?

    Any help is appreciated, as I want to get it in for repair ASAP.
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    So I downloaded the original firmware that shipped with my 2G (2.2.1) and restored it to that. I didn't sync any of my iTunes library, so it looks like it did the day it came out of the box.

    Will this be good enough to take to an authorised repairer for them to look at now?

    When I get it back repaired is it worth putting 3.1.x on there, or should I stick with 3.0? (Will JB it again when the backlight is repaired).

    Any advice is appreciated...
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    Do a DFU restore, just to make sure. Don't set it up as backup. You should put the 3.1.3 firmware on the iPod. Just to make your iPod up to date and everything.
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    Thanks for the reply. I did a DFU restore with 2.2.1 with no drama. Kept it with the original f/w, as I never purchased 3.0, so I don't want it on there when it goes in for warranty. It's a plain old Jane ipt as it came out of the box. Taking it in tomorrow for warranty repair. Hopefully it comes back with 2.2.1 on it :/
  4. fA7AL

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    So I dropped it off on Tuesday afternoon, and picked it up Thursday afternoon - pretty good service. Got a refurbished unit (which was good as mine had a tonne of scratches & a few dings in the chrome back cover). The new one is as it should be, like new.

    Also had a dead ear-plug, so got them to get me a new pair while I was at it - not that it matters, as I'm using a pair of sennheiser ear-buds.

    It came back with 2.2.1 f/w on it (I was running 3.0 using redsnow), what's the best firmware to use now? Have I read that 3.1.3 sucks? Is 3.1.2 better than 3.0?

    Downloading 3.1.2 now, will j/b it and sync it again.

    Any recommendations for covers/cases?

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    i got a iluv case and they are pritty good (i dont know the brand)... if u live in australia go to dick smiths or jb hifi or sumthing like that..
  6. fA7AL

    fA7AL Guest

    Yeah mate, I'm in Sydney. Might have a look on eBay too.

    Just waiting for 3.1.2 to finish d/l then let it rain & sync...
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    Are there any known problems with 3.1.2 and WPA?

    I'm having a dog of a time trying to connect to the router (Billion 7401VGP) - This is what I've done;

    Edited the old ipt MAC addy to with the new one in the wireless client filter
    Set the MAC as fixed host via DHCP

    The ipt can see the network (SSID enabled), but when I put the passphrase in, it says can't connect. I've tried about 10 times and I'm almost over putting in that key over and over on the ipt keypad!

    If I disable wireless security, it connects straight away.

    Don't remember it being this hard on the old unit...

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