Restoring 1.1.4jb. Preping for 2.0

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    Hey all, for some time now I have been using a 1.1.2jb and its been working good. Recently I used the ziphone to get the 1.1.4jb and that worked good too. Now I want to clear the ipod completely in preparation for the 2.0 firmware. So here is what I did.

    Using iTunes 7.5, shift+clicked Restore and selected by 1.1.4 firmware file. The restore seemed to be successful. Once rebooted iTunes reports 14.82Gb free and 17.7Mb on Other. Is this normal? should there be an Other using 17.7Mb? Perhaps that is just standard iPod software using that space?

    If I wanted the absolute cleanest way to reset/restore my iPod should I be using the recovery mode way ... IE ... holding power and home buttons 10 secs etc?

    Anyways, once it is restored properly, I will add the 2.0 firmware by doing a shift+Update. See Youtube video by tysiphonehelp if your curious about the free 2.0


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