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    Jun 15, 2008
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    Guys help!!!

    I connected my ipod touch and itunes opened a window to download a new version of firmware, I download it and when it was going to install some kind of error appeared and inmediatly the screen of my ipod turn into an ituneslogo and the cable image...

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    My itunes is not recognizing the ipod and I tried to restore it (home+sleep button) but it doesnt work, the same screen appears...what can I DO???? is the firmware damaged??? how can I resolve this problem???? Thanks
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    This is late, but considering there are no other replies, I'll go ahead with it.

    If you are having difficulties placing it into Force Restore mode manually, do it through iLiberty+.

    Open up iLiberty+, and under the 'Other Tools' tab, select 'Enter DFU Mode'.

    Then, iTunes should recognize that it is in restore mode, at which point you can restore.

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