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    Application Review: Respawnables
    Zynga | 40.7 MB | FREE

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    Zynga has never been one of my favorite developers with their freemium models. None of their games ever really felt like you can play them without paying. They were always mediocre at best. When I saw this Team Fortress clone in the App Store, I just had to try it out. Fortunately, it turned out to be one of the better shooters I’ve played on the App Store. Modern Combat 4 stands to be the sit down and play shooter, I say, Respawnables is the pickup and play shooter.


    Unlike a sit down and play sort of game, Respawnables has no story whatsoever. It plays more like a minigame, the additional stuff to the main story. With this comes an abundance of missions that earn you experience and in-game cash that can be used to upgrade your character. With that said, you aren’t required to finish the missions, but you’ll gain additional experience if you do.

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    Cash and experience are essential in the game and allow you to advance.

    You play through 4 venues with a single weapon in your hands. You can swap weapons on the go, or after a death if needed (and even make purchases while playing). In single-player mode, you are placed in with a group of CPU players for an all out death match that will last two and a half minutes. As you play more and level higher, the CPU gets tougher to beat and smarter.

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    The game is quicker paced and requires you to have fast reactions.

    Weapon choice is a large part of the game. Certain missions require you to use certain weapons. While doing these missions, you’ll quickly learn what weapons you like, and what weapons you don’t. For example, I hate shotguns, but love that sniper.

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    Some missions require you to use a specific weapon. Can you guess the weapon requirement for this one?

    Outside of the weapons, the game also offers many ways to customize your player. These shirts, pants and heads don’t only trick your player out, they can also increase stats to help you out in battle. They become very important as time goes on.

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    Equipment can increment your stats further than they already are.

    The other way to help out your stats is by developing your character. The character development grid contains upgrades that can be purchased using in-game cash or gold. They definitely help to have, especially when in battle, who couldn’t use a little extra boost in health anyways?

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    This graph allows you to advance your player’s speed, health, accuracy, etc.

    Like most of the shooters on the app store, this game uses the same general layout with a joystick and on-screen buttons. A joystick on the left controls your characters movements while swiping the screen allows aiming. Firing and grenade use can be done using on-screen buttons. The controls are straightforward; if you don’t like this layout, there are 2 others to try.

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    The controls are just about identical to most other shooters on the App Store.

    Gameplay : ★★★★


    Unlike a shooter like Modern Combat, this game has more of a laid-back fun feeling behind it. The main reason for this is the graphics. The design of the game as a whole takes from the Team Fortress look. The cartoonish, animated graphics are very fun, but well detailed. Movement and animations are very fluid and run smoothly. Sounds show up as well, like the rat-ta-ta of your gun or the boom of a rocket launcher. They can be seen, but also heard.

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    The graphics are enjoyable and humorous.

    Graphics: ★★★★


    Like I stated, many sounds of the game can be seen, but heard as well. Gun shots fire off with ample positioning while explosions boom in a fun fashion. Again, there is nothing simulation about the sound effects, and it’s not meant to be. Menu sound effects are included as well. The BGM is existent during the menus and the last 15 seconds of any fight where the pace quickens to make you want to make quicker kills. I do wish there was a BGM through the entire 2:30 I played and not just the last 10th of the match.

    Audio: ★★★★½


    One thing Resspawnables has going for it is its addictiveness. Whether you like to play online, or you’re like me and like to play offline on the go, this game will keep you hooked. It really is just pure fun, at little to no cost. The missions will keep you busy for hours and there are a ton of them. If you like a good, short, pickup and play sort of shooter, this game should definitely be on your hit list, especially considering the price.

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    You can do 3 missions at a time, as you complete one, another comes in.

    In addition to the built in missions, there are achievements in the game which you’ll most likely finish while playing through your missions. I’m not one for achievements as they really don’t gain you anything. There is, however, online multiplayer included as well. Unfortunately, it looks as if the servers scoreboard has already been hijacked.

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    Achievements can also keep you busy if you didn’t already complete them by going through the missions.

    Replay: ★★★★½


    If there is one major gripe I have with this game, it would be the gold. Gold can be used to purchase special items and weapons in the game. Unfortunately, you can’t obtain any gold by playing the game. Instead, you are stuck answering advertisements or forking out a Jackson. This will definitely deter the value a bit. However, the main bulk of the game can still be played without these golden items. The game is still free and very fun to play.

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    Golden weapons require gold. Gold has to be purchased.

    Value: ★★★★½

    Final Thoughts

    Yes, this is still technically a freemium game. It isn’t, however, a penny pinching game like Gameloft’s NFL games (where you have to pay per play). It’s fast-paced, fun, and exciting. The addictive gameplay can definitely keep users playing for a nice while. It really just makes a great pickup and play shooter.

    Overall Score

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