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    I took a Visual Basic programming class last semester in ITT. While I was learning, I put together an app for my computer electronics buddies that returned the resistor value as well as max. and min. values. A few of them asked me if I could put it on the ipod, but I'm still very new to programming, so I'm proposing it here.

    When the app loads, it should ask if the resistor is 4 or 5 bands. Then, a resistor image should take up half of the screen. The user is to scroll through each band to assemble the desired resistor color code. The ipod should give the resistor's average, maximum, and minimum values based on the resistor tolerance.

    If the user enters a 4 band resistor with the code (Yellow, Violet, Red, Gold) then avg=4.7k max=4.94k min=4.47k tolerance=5%
    If the user enters a 5 band resistor with the code (Yellow, violet, Red, Orange, Blue) then avg=472k max=473.2k min=470.8k tolerance=0.25%


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