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    Oct 24, 2007
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    hey guys! i have an 8gb touch and i jailbroke it and its 1.1.1 .
    Now recently i had to format my computer and everything was gone including itunes. the new itune i downloaded after doesnt recognize my touch. every time i plug my touch it freezes my itunes and i have to ctrl+alt+del it every time. so i figured if i reset it it would be okey so i reset everything in my touch and still it didnt work.

    another weird thing is that when i reset the touch, programs i installed like blackjack and wedict and many more are still on the touch..aren't they suppose to be gone??? i also tried uninstalling the installer which doesnt give me the option to do so..i can only reinstall please help me as my touch is useless right now without my music and pics

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    . thank you in advance.

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