Requesting someone to update with specific 1.1.3 firmware file

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    I'm not sure how to put the title any shorter, my apologies...

    I've been hearing about this whole $20 thing with the 1.1.3 firmware. At first I thought "So the whole firmware is $20?". Then I remembered an old site I used to get iPod firmware downloads. You see, Apple hosts their firmware on their website, easily accessible to anyone. This website from memories past automatically lists all the firmware files on the site. So, if you ever need to get the IPSW (iPod Software) file for a specific version or model you might want to remember this page. Now, onto the important stuff...

    1. Go to [URL[/URL]
    2. Select from the 2nd drop-down list the iPod 1.1.3 firmware. I downloaded the 4a93 firmware, but now there's a newer one up there, so download that one first. Usually the older the firmware the easier to exploit.
    3. Extract the IPSW file from the zip and iTunes should open, and your iPod should update.

    Only do this if you are willing to lose all your 1.1.2 hacks!!! IF YOU UPDATE YOU RISK A BRICK, SO YOU HAVE TO REALLY BE WILLING TO LOSE AT LEAST ALL YOUR HACKS!!!

    My reason for asking someone to do this is to see if this firmware comes with the iPhone Apps included. They may be stashed away somewhere else on the Apple site. In my opinion it's worth a try.

    And if nobody is willing to update that's ok. Maybe this'll just provide as a link for developers to get a copy of the 1.1.1 iPhone Filesystem or help them crack the firmware.

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    Have a look at the iPhone 1.1.3 and the iPod 1.1.3. The iPod file is 3 mb larger (162 mb versus 165 mb). Is this because the new apps are included with the iPod file but are already on the iPhone?

    Sounds like we have the apps in the update file, but just got to figure out how to get to them.
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    devs are working to decrypt the firmware file to extract the 1.1.3 applications. I an just going to use the iPhone appliations. Anything bought off iTunes can easy be traced by apple
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    hmm... I don't know...

    Actually I think those 3MB are something else. I upgraded my iPod and I noticed that after upgrading, when springboard was first shown, I had no extra apps. I freaked out for 2 seconds and then it started auto-synching, and when it finished the new apps where there.

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