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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by [AFX], Nov 8, 2007.

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    Hey, new user here. I haven't picked up an iPod Touch as of yet but I will be very soon. I've been scouring the internet finding out information on the device and how to go about jailbreaking it. However, I have a few questions that I need addressed and hopefully the community can answer them. Correct me if I am wrong about anything.

    1) Jailbreaking the device can be done without the computer present by opening the jailbreak site from Safari. Once this is done (or is in the process of completion), the device will download the, correct? And from that, it will let me install the 3rd party applications, correct?

    2) As for adding applications, I have seen a few videos demonstrating how to get the iPhone applications working. This is all done through an FTP client, correct? If not, how so? Is Telnet a proper alternative? Or do I have to download a 3rd party application to do this?

    3) As said above, I do not currently own the device as of yet. However, in case I do purchase the device and discover that it has the new firmware (1.1.2) is present, what are the procedures to downgrade to firmware 1.1.1? I have been reading the forums (maybe not enough?) and a few users have stated this can be done, but where can I find the steps just in case?

    4) Is there a specifications sheet on the iPod Touch? The one on the Apple website doesn't list the processor type/clock speeds or RAM capacity (not the flash memory).

    5) What language are the applications written in?

    That is all for now. If I have any other questions I won't hesitate to ask. Thanks guys!
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    1) Correct, the BEST jailbreak that has everything you need is:

    Other jailbreak sites like jailbreakme do similar things like have the installer app, but contains the bare bones so you'd have to install additional things for SSH, ability to disable it so it doesnt drain battery life, etc. After installing installer app, the apps you can install are many, but may seem limited. From the installer app, install "Community Sources" to have further access to a plethora of apps made by other users, which are over 4 times as much as the number of apps if you didn't install it.

    2) Adding iPhone applications do require an SFTP client, not just normal FTP. Telnet is not a proper alternative since it is mainly used for messaging. 3rd party applications are needed to do this. If you have a PC, WinSCP is the best solution to use.

    3) The procedures to downgrade to 1.1.1 are first downloading the 1.1.1 firmware located here:,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw

    Then, hook your ipod to itunes and while holding down the shift key on your keyboard, click "Restore" and choose the file that is the 1.1.1 file and your iTunes will downgrade your iPod to 1.1.1. Keep in mind that once 1.1.2 is released, the 1.1.1 download link will be taken down from apple's site so it will be much harder to find the file. My recommendation is that you download this file just in case as soon as possible just so you have it for future restores or downgrading.

    4) For additional specs, here is a review that contains additional specs at the bottom with the processor type/clock speeds which is an ARM processor with 400mhz click speed.

    5) Applications are written in basically any language that is compatible with the MacOSX, typically for Web Apps, PHP and Javascript are a must.

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