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    2G iPod touch
    Mario and sonic type game

    i think it would be cool to have a track and field game for the iphone/ipod touch /

    my idea was for someone to make it look like the mario and sonic 1 , but just for 2 events , the 100m and the 100m hurdles i think those would be the easiest.

    :100m :
    on the bottom of the screen u see 2 arrows , so all u do is side ur finger back and forth and the fast u slide it the faster u move.
    in the top right screen u see how fast u ran and the time changes as u move in the middle it tells u ur event. in the top left side of the screen it tells u ur place.

    :100m hurdles :
    the same thing as the 100m but there will be 5 hurdles u have to jump. on the same place were u slide ur finger there will be a buttom that u click to jump.

    im not tell anyone to make this game , im just asking if someone can make this game , below i made a mock of how it can look .

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