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Discussion in 'Site feedback, suggestions, and discussions' started by Vince, Jun 29, 2010.

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    So I'm requesting that someone who has some knowledge on the subject and some time type up a tutorial thread.

    I just had someone ask if there was a thread on installing widgets on the iPod Touch (check my theme installation link in my sig). "Sure!" I thought and so I skipped along to the Themes and Customization Tutorials section to find the correct thread in the stickies and realized one doesn't exist! I don't know why there isn't one, but there should be. I used to use this thread whenever I needed help, but it's hard to find and is probably a little outdated.

    I haven't been jailbroken since I upgraded, and I haven't really been into theming since 3.1.2 came out. So I don't feel like I could type up a good tutorial myself...

    Just so we're clear, I'd really appreciate a generic widget setup/customization tutorial. This includes weather, calendar, clocks, and rss.

    If you're up for the task, or find a thread that fulfills my request, please leave a comment.

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