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    Dec 28, 2009
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    2G iPod touch
    hi im a 12 yr and im confused i did everything first download photoshop CS4 extended did my logo with transperent layer i used also irfanview to remove pixels saved then i didnt know how to put it on my ipod so i downloaded vmware workstation with mac os x. after that i downloaded pwnagetool used expert mode made my partition larger, etc........ then boot logo i used [PIRACY.4s] to copy my logo. i got it put in pwnagetool and it gave me that error of not correct png. im stuck with these settings of png pics can i give anyone the pic and send it to me

    ps. i made it less than 100kb. RBG with alpha. but didnt understand the erase 1 pixel???
    please if there is someone who can do it tell me
    iCarbon7Kid (UAENayssi)

    i attached the picture of my CBL

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