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    Ok, so ive had this avatar for years now. I made it in all of about 3 minutes in Photoshop 7 or something like that. I use it almost everywhere, its even my bootscreen for my PC.

    Im looking for something new, i havent kept up with my photoshop(paintshop) skills so im looking for someone to do me a solid.

    I know a bunch of people on this site have really nice well made avatars, and i know a bunch of you guys are good at the digital work.

    As a request it obviously needs my name, and i would like to keep it with a skull theme. My avatars have always had a skull in them since as long as i can remember. Im looking for something different. I have the basic text over an image, im looking for something abstract.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who will give it a shot.

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