Removing Apps from iTunes.

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by ibizaGTi, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Ok guys hopefully someone can help me with this...tearing my hair out!

    So I had some problems with my iPod earlier, needed a restore (just a normal restore, not DFU).
    Restore went fine, re-jailbroke, re-installed everything I problems so far.

    So opened iTunes, clicke my iPod and went to the "Applications" section.

    Before I restored, I had loads of crappy apps which i do not want back on the iPod, so i didnt re-sync them.
    But for some reason, all these apps are still showing in iTunes! I can't seem to get rid of them. I can't right click them, and highlighting them and hitting the delete key won't work.

    I have deleted the old backups from before the restore, but the apps still show.

    Its not a major issue, but it's really bugging me having them there. Can anyone advise how to remove them?


    EDIT: I worked it out

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    If anyone else has this issue:

    - Click the applications tab on iTunes (not on the iPod within iTunes)

    - Right click and delete --> confirm --> Remove to Recycle Bin.

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