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iOS 6.1 Remove Launch Daemons *UPDATED FOR iOS 6*

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by ApplehuntrCXVII, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    4G iPod touch
    CREDIT to xXrkidXx for the original post.

    It is STRONGLY recommended that you make a backup of all the files being modified in this tutorial. These are core system files, and removing the wrong one could potentially result in a restore if backups are not made. Be sure to read through this ENTIRE tutorial thoroughly before taking any action or asking any questions.
    So lets get started. What are Launch Daemons?
    Safe Daemons
    These can be deleted by any user, with no adverse effects on the device.

    • com.apple.appsupport.cplogd.plist - Logs crashes of applications and
      3rd party apple to /var/mobile/Library/Logs, and also tells the system if a
      symlink cannot be created.
    • com.apple.apsd.tcpdump.en0.plist - Logs push notification errors.
    • com.apple.apsd.tcpdump.pdp_ip0.plist - Also believed to log push
      notification errors.
    • com.apple.aslmanager.plist - This daemon manages system logs.
    • com.apple.certui.relay.plist - When you are on a public network (like
      my school) and Safari can't verify what website it is connecting to, it will say
      "This website is not verified" or something like that, and asks if you want to
      still continue. Feel free to delete this.
    • com.apple.crash_mover.plist - Moves crash log files from where they
      originate to /var/Mobile/Library/Logs. Feel free to remove if you don't have
      your device log crashes.
    • com.apple.CrashHouseKeeping.plist - Cleans up old logs, safe to delete
      if already removing logging software. If you regularly run @p0sixninja's crash
      reporter to help for jailbreaks, do not remove this.
    • com.apple.crashreportcopymobile.plist - Also deals with moving crash logs to your PC or MAC (com.apple.afcd.plist) removing this without com.apple.afcd.plist will lag springboard animations as well as games; but removing this with com.apple.afcd.plist will cause no adverse effects.
    • com.apple.DumpPanic.plist - Dumps crashes for evaluation by Apple. If
      you regularly run @p0sixninja's crash reporter to help for jailbreaks, do not
      remove this.
    • com.apple.fsvented.plist - From what I understand, This is your device's personal journal or diary. It creates logs of crashes, reboots, app launches etc. Removing this has no adverse effect.
    • com.apple.marcoagent.plist - Logs crashes related to iMessage,
      FaceTime and ect. Feel free to remove from your iDevice.
    • com.apple.mobile.softwareupdated.plist - Deals with OTA software
      updating. Feel free to remove, your jailbroken, you can't use it anyways.
    • com.apple.OTACrashCopier.plist - Moves crashes from Over the Air
      software updates to /var/mobile/Library/Logs. Feel free to remove the daemon.
    • com.apple.OTATaskingAgent.plist - Tells the device to periodically
      check for OTA updates. Feel free to remove.
    • com.apple.powerlog.plist - This is used to monitor any
      incompatibilities with 3rd party chargers.
    • com.apple.ReportCrash.(Different Things).plist - There are 6 of these
      daemons, and they collect data about what caused a crash, what programs were
      running at the time, etc. If you regularly run @p0sixninja's crash reporter to
      help for jailbreaks, do not remove this.
    • com.apple.sharktrace.plist - Deals with developer crash logs, if you
      aren't a developer then feel free to delete.
    • com.apple.syslog.plist - Deals with logging system events. Removing this has no adverse effect on your device.
    • com.apple.softwareupdateservicesd.plist - Tells iOS how to start and
      execute an OTA update, feel free to remove. Although DO NOT attempt an OTA
      update with this removed. I feel that it also stops the update from happening if
      the device is jailbroken.
    Conditional Daemons
    These daemons can be disabled by certain users who have no need for some features of their device.
    • com.apple.accessoryd.plist - If removed, disables accessories like FM
      radio transmitters, iPhone docks, and AV cables. Accessories will be able to
      charge your device, but that is all they will be able to do. Remove this if you
      don't use any of these accessories.
    • com.apple.AddressBook.plist - If removed, Contacts in the Phone
      application will load slightly slower. Disable this if you don't care about
    • com.apple.afcd.plist
      - Deals with transferring crash logs to your PC or Mac via iTunes. If removed, device will no longer sync with iTunes and an error popping up in iTunes.​
    • com.apple.airplaydiagnostics.server.ios.plist - Deals with airplay. Remove if you don't really use airplay.
    • com.apple.AdminLite.plist - This daemon tries to return control of
      your device to you if it thinks that you are waiting for a lengthly process to
      respond. It does this by force-quitting the process, so if you're tired of your
      apps crashing and you would rather wait a few seconds for them to finish what
      they're doing, disable this daemon.
    • com.apple.AOSNotification.plist - This daemon deals with iCloud
      syncing. If you do not use iCloud for backups, photostream, ect. then you can
      disable this.
    • com.apple.apsd.plist - If removed, Push Notifications and iMessages
      will no longer work. Disable this if you don't use Push Notifications or
    • com.apple.assitivetouchd.plist - Starts the process for the
      AssistiveTouch.app (Located under Accessibility). If you don't use this, then
      feel free to remove it.
      com.apple.awdd.plist - Logs wireless diagnostics (Settings/General/About/Diagnostics and Usage.. Feel free to remove it if you aren't using the CDevCrashReporter software.
    • com.apple.coresymbolicationd.plist - Has something to do with com.apple.afcd.plist. Removing this daemon without com.apple.afcd.plist will make springboard animations and games lag.
    • com.apple.daily.plist - Reminds the App Store to check for updates to
      installed applications, remove if you want to do this manually
    • com.apple.dataaccess.dataaccessd.plist - If removed, contacts will no
      longer sync via Exchange or Google Sync. Disable this if you don't use those
      services. (This will NOT disable Push notifications from Google Voice's app,
      only the push mail service.)
    • com.apple.datamigrator.plist - Used to transfer contacts from SIM card
      to phone. iPod touch users can delete this.
    • com.apple.gamed.plist - Used for GameCenter, remove if you don't use
    • com.apple.itunescloudd.plist - Deals with iTunes Cloud/Home Sharing.
      Delete if you don't use that.
    • com.apple.iapd.plist
      - Functions like com.apple.accessoryd.plist, it
      deals with accessories that also come with companion apps.
    • com.apple.mediastream.mstreamd.plist - Deals with PhotoStream. Remove if you don't use PhotoStream.
    • com.apple.midiserver-ios.plist - Deals with musical instrument accessories. Remove if you don't use any of those.

    • com.apple.mobile.accessory_device_arbitrator.plist - Loads the file which tells the device what accessories can be used and what can't be. Remove if you don't use accessories.
    • com.apple.MobileInternetSharing.plist - Used for Internet Tethering.
      Disable this if you have an iPod touch or if you aren't interested in tethering.
    • com.apple.mobile.obliteration.plist - This daemon wipes the data
      partition of your device. (Source) This will be used if you remotely wipe your
      phone via Exchange, or if you use Settings > General > Reset, or if you set your
      device to wipe itself after a certain number of failed passcode entries. If you
      don't use these features, you can delete this daemon.
    • com.apple.mobile.profile_janitor.plist - This daemon apparently deals
      with provisioning profiles for ad-hoc app distribution. If that doesn't apply to
      you, or if you have no idea what that is, you can delete this daemon.
    • com.apple.passd.plist - Deals with passbook. Removing this will not make passbook disappear, but will not allow it to function.
    • com.apple.powerd.plist - With 5.0 our iDevices recieved a battery drain... Well as a result whatever was sucking up battery also caused the processor to slow down as a way to compensate. Disabling the system location services( Settings>LocationServices>System Services) stopped the battery drain, but your CPU is still being limited with a decreasing battery. With this daemon removed your processor won't be limited because your battery is at a certain level, giving you a decent performance bump. As of iOS 6 removing this will cause the mail app to crash IF you have a Hotmail or Exchange account. Removing this will increase speed greatly but will drain battery faster[Not for iPhone 4S/5 !!!]
    • com.apple.printd.plist - Starts the AirPrint launch daemon process,
      remove if you don't use AirPrint.
    • com.apple.racoon.plist - Used for Virtual Private Networks. Disable
      this daemon if you do not use any VPNs.
    • com.apple.scrod.plist - This daemon deals with Voice Control. If you
      don't use Voice Control, you can delete this daemon.
    • com.apple.searchd.plist - Disables Spotlight search if removed. The
      Spotlight page will still be there, but nothing will show up when you start
      typing. Disable this daemon if you don't use Spotlight.
    • com.apple.search.appindexer.plist - Indexes apps so they can pop up in
      Spotlight, remove this if you don't use Spotlight.
    • com.apple.storage_mounter.plist - This daemon allows you to use the
      "iPad Camera Connection Kit". Remove if you don't use this.
      com.apple.ubd.plist - In charge of uploading/downloading documents stored in iCloud as well as uninstalling App Store applications. If you have that service turned off (Settings/iCloud/Documents & Data) as well as not uninstalling apps, then feel free to remove.
    • com.apple.twitterd.plist - Starts the "Tweet from Youtube, Safari,
      ect" process. Remove if you don't use the In-App Twitter addition.
    • com.apple.vibrationmanagerd.plist - Deals with custom vibration
      patterns. If you don't use those or you have an iPod touchy feel free to delete
    • com.apple.voiced.plist - Yet another Voice Control daemon.
    • com.apple.VoiceOverTouch.plist - Another Voice Control daemon.
    • com.apple.vsassetd.plist - Starts the actual VoiceServices for Voice
      Control. Delete if you don't use Voice Control.
    • com.apple.wifid.wapic.plist - Logs errors when trying to connect to a WiFi
      network with Chinese characters in the name. Remove this if you don't live in
      China. Renamed in iOS 6. NOTE: User Vadim Kharitonov has reported that removing this daemon on iPhone 4 may render wifi useless (greyed out) and will work again upod restoring this daemon. Please post your findings... Don't get mixed up with this daemon: com.apple.wifid.plist
    Self-Edit Daemons
    These daemons require you to do additional steps to remove them.
    com.apple.BTServer.map.plist - The back-end for bluetooth on the device. REMOVING WITHOUT DOING THE BELOW WILL CAUSE A RESTORE!!!​
    To disable first open settings and make sure bluetooth is turned off(Settings>General>Bluetooth)
    Then go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app and open your N**AP.plist
    N18AP-iPod touch 3G
    N81AP-iPod touch 4G
    ]N82AP-iPhone 3G
    N88AP-iPhone 3GS
    N90AP-iPhone 4 GSM
    N94AP-iPhone 4 CDMA
    Then look for the <key>bluetooth</key> string.
    change <true/> to <false/>.
    Then remove the daemon.
    com.apple.locationd.plist - When the device strores "locationgate" data, this daemon is called. REMOVING WITHOUT DOING THE BELOW WILL CAUSE A RESTORE!!!
    To disable first open settings and make sure location services are turned off(Settings>General>Location Services or Settings>Location Services)
    Then go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app and open your N**AP.plist
    N18AP-iPod touch 3G
    N81AP-iPod touch 4G
    N82AP-iPhone 3G
    N88AP-iPhone 3GS
    N90AP-iPhone 4 GSM
    N94AP-iPhone 4 CDMA
    Then look for the <key>location-services</key> string.
    change <true/> to <false/>.
    Then look for the <key>gps</key> string.
    change <true/> to <false/>
    Then remove the daemon.
    Device-Specific Daemons
    These daemons have different functions for different devices. Be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that these daemons are safe to delete from your specific device.
    • com.apple.CommCenter.plist
    • com.apple.CommCenterClassic.plist
    • com.apple.CommCenterLite.plist
    • com.apple.CommCenterMobileHelper.plist
    • com.apple.CommCenterRootHelper.plist - These 4 daemons deal with making and receiving phone calls and connecting to the cellular data network. iPod touch users and wifi-only iPad users (confirmed on the first-gen iPod, assumed on all the others) can delete this daemon with the effect of having "Searching" in their statusbar. As of iOS 6 the "Searching" will not show on the statusbar. iPhone and iPad 3G users should not delete this daemon under any circumstances.
    • com.apple.awd_ice3.plist - Deals with initial iPhone activation on the iPhone 4 (Only confirmed on the GSM version, not sure if the CDMA version has a different daemon). Feel free to remove this sense your jailbroken, and you can't do OTA Updates. Also feel free to remove this because when you restore the daemon automatically gets put back on your device.
    • com.apple.aggregated.plist
    • com.apple.aggregated.addaily.plist - It is believed that this performs some function related to Audio-In. If you have an iPod touch and do not intend to use Audio-In, disable this. iPhone users should leave this alone.
    • com.apple.aggregated.dbservice.plist - Creates database files (thumbs.db, DS_Store.db ect.) for voice input services. Remove if you don't use audio input (com.apple.aggregated.plist).
    Leave-Alone Daemons
    These daemons are crucial to the operation of your device and should not be modified in any way.
    • com.apple.fairplayd.plist - This checks the DRM on your legitimately-acquired music and apps.
    • com.apple.installd.plist - Deals with app installation.
    • com.apple.configd+pm.plist - Deals with system configuration.
    • com.apple.configd-pm.plist - Also deals with system configuration.
    • com.apple.gmmd.plist - A debugging service for your device.
    • com.apple.mDNSResponder.plist - DNS. Disable this, and your Internet is completely gone.
    • com.apple.mDNSResponderHelper.plist - Also deals with DNS.
    • com.apple.usbptpd.plist - Allows your device to connect to your computer and charge.
    • com.apple.mtmergeprops.plist - Appears to have something to do with the touchscreen. After I deleted this daemon, my screen was unresponsive. This is why you make backups!
    • com.apple.SCHelper-embedded.plist - Appears to be a part of the SystemConfiguration framework (Source), so I don't recommend deleting it. If some brave soul wants to try it, go ahead and report back.
    • com.apple.SpringBoard.plist - This daemon ensures that SpringBoard launches when you turn your device on. Without this daemon, SpringBoard will not launch. Also, this daemon ensures that you are able to respring your device. If you disable this daemon and attempt to respring, the SpringBoard process will be killed but will not start again.
    • com.apple.mobile.lockbot.plist - This daemon's function is currently unknown, but several users have removed it (based on my advice; sorry about that, guys!) and have had to restore as a result. However, I think it's worth noting that I have removed this daemon on my first-gen iPod touch and have encountered no problems. For the time being, however, leave this daemon alone.
    • com.apple.mobile.Lockdown.plist - Deals with SIM and network authorization. iPod touch users, even though this daemon seems like it deals with iPhone-only operations, have still had to restore after deleting this daemon. I have removed this daemon on my first-gen iPod touch and have encountered no problems, but apparently I'm the only one who has been this lucky.
    • com.apple.itdbprep.plist - When syncing music and videos to the device this daemon is called to allow for USB editing of the iTunesDataBase (The place where all the information about songs and videos you have is store). DO NOT MESS WITH THIS DAEMON.
    • com.apple.itunesstored - Messing with this daemon will cause it to use 100% of your device's CPU periodically. Leave it alone.
    • com.apple.mediaserverd.plist - I don't know, I don't care. It will SERIOUSLY screw up UIKit(Your Animations, your device will be come VERY laggy and slow) LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE!!!
    • com.apple.UIKit.pasteboard.plist - Supposedly deals with Copy and Paste functionality... I've never had a good experience with it. If anybody wants to prove me wrong then be my guest :)
    • com.apple.hpfd.plist - I think it has to do with helping to install and remove stuff. It's best not to touch this daemon.
    • com.apple.cvmsCompAgent_armv7.plist - Deals with OpenGLES. If you delete this you're iDevice will lag like crazy.
    • com.apple.cvmsServ.plist - Also deals with OpenGLES.
    • com.apple.backupd.plist - This is how iTunes knows what files are on your device (Otherwise it will just show everything as "Other" and not allow you to sync. DO NOT REMOVE THIS DAEMON.
    • com.apple.wifid.plist - Deals with connecting to wifi. DO NOT REMOVE THIS!!!

    I would also like to note that in iCleaner, some of these daemons are present in iCleaner so that they may be "removed". And some toggles (like Logs,dump and crash logs) option, the com.apple.crashreportcopymobile.plist is not removed with the com.apple.afcd.plist, thus, making springboard animations laggy. I recommend removing daemons manually instead of using iCleaner.
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  2. ValleyForge

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    Nexus 4
    You didn't give credit to anyone? Also, your lists' format is messed up.
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  3. ApplehuntrCXVII

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    4G iPod touch
    Yep. Sorry! P.S. It wasn't copy-pasted from this forum. In fact, this was re-written from scratch, so forgive me for being nooby :(
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  4. ValleyForge

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    Wherever you copy/pasted it from copy/pasted it from this forum. Trust me.
  5. ApplehuntrCXVII

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    4G iPod touch
    Okay then! I credited xXrkidXx for the original post. BTW I added new daemons to this post as I have been researching more about the iOS system. Thanks anyway!
  6. tw23

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    xXrkidXx wasn't even the original maker lol, but he and I made the updated version.
    But nice anyways.
  7. ApplehuntrCXVII

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    Yeah, It's just that ValleyForge said the source where I got it (and updated it) just copy/pasted it from this site. So I'm giving xXrkidXx a little credit. After all, this is just basically his post updated.
  8. Tatanko

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    Thanks for the updated list. I had been using the old iOS 5 list for my purposes until I had to do everything over again for 6.1.2 last night.

    EDIT: So I went back and compared what I deleted from this list to what I had deleted using the iOS 5 list and found a few differences I'm curious about...

    Two that I hadn't deleted (and weren't on the iOS 5 list) were "afcd" and "fseventsd". Were these not present in iOS 5 or were they simply not understood when the list was made previously?

    Another two that I had deleted before using the old list, but aren't present in this list are "DumpBasebandCrash" and "syslogd". According to the old iOS 5 guide, these should be safe to delete (particularly if you're already deleting a bunch of other crash, log, reporting, etc. daemons anyway). Is there any reason they aren't on this list? They were present in 6.1 when I had it, and they appear to be present in 6.1.2 as well. I can speak from personal experience having had them deleted while running 6.1 that they do no have any effect on my phone.
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  9. ApplehuntrCXVII

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    4G iPod touch
    DumBasebandCrash was not present on my iPod Touch. So I thought it no longer existed. But as for syslogd, I forgot to mention it...
  10. Vadim Kharitonov

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    Feb 21, 2013
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    Safe Daemons
    These can be deleted by any user, with no adverse effects on the device.

    +additionally you can delete:
    com.apple.syslogd.plist - make logs of system events.

    com.apple.wifid.wapic.plist - DON'T REMOVE!!!!!!
    my wi-fi disable (gray icon is not active)
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