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    Quickpwn for Mac has now been released via *******. Here is the DEV's blog release.


    Here is the long awaited “QuickPwn” for Mac OS X. You’ll see a similarity to the user-interface of PwnageTool, this is because of the great feedback we’ve had since we moved to that interface with PwnageTool 2.x.

    QuickPwn is not a replacement for PwnageTool, they are different tools and provide different features, QuickPwn is for quickly pwning a device, whereas PwnageTool is designed to custom build and tailor the ipsw production process, both tools will be actively developed in the future.

    Here (http://*******s.[PIRACY.tb].org/4369186/QuickPwn_1.0.0.tbz.4369186.TPB.*******) is the official ******* for the release, we are seeding it on a few different servers so it should be well seeded already, but we think it’ll be a popular download, so we thought we’d use bit******* as some of you were not too happy about 2kb/s downloads

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    SHA1(QuickPwn_1.0.0.tbz)= 22ee0d6814a6bac9b1b9a8c7715dd714bd6bb449

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