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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by Frenzy501, May 17, 2008.

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    BLACK and White

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    OK here is a theme I have been waiting for a while to first theme too. It is a totally black and white theme with 4 wallpapers and icons.

    -If you want me to add icons to it just give me an App name or icon base that you want and I will add it to the theme.

    -You can contact me at to send me questions, icon requests, etc.

    -I take almost no credit for the icons, I used most from other themes, but I did make some of them and monochromed them.

    -I own an iPod touch, but I did include the iPhone app icons.

    -I use Categories, with a folder on the unlock screen called "iTunes" (because I never use the itunes store) and another folder inside that one called
    "Games",that way I have a springboard that is not cluttered, and I have applications in an easily organized folder.(SEE SCREENSHOTS FOR MORE INFO)
    If you want me to make and icon for other folders, again you CAN CONTACT ME!

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    -Also: included is a folder called "WiFi icons". put these images in the appropriate folder in customize to use them.

    - Another included set is my header battery images, which i did not have in those screenshots but are in fact BLACK+WHITE

    -I Hope you enjoy this stuff and can install this theme without my help

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    -Thank you Louie Mantia for the Inspirational icons and iSpazio for the massive theme builder

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    I like wallpapers 1-3 a lot. The whole theme looks really good and you gave credit where credit was due so for that I +rep. I'm more into text themes for right now though so I won't be using this theme but I'm sure some people will.

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