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    Hello, im new here, so please notify if im doing anything wrong...'
    i just JB'd my ipod touch 2g a couple days ago, and i continue to run into a problem: i cannot have seperate wallpapers for the lock screen and springboard. whenever i swich the wallpaper in the settings app, it changes the lock screen and springboard wallpapers. however, when i use a theme, the theme wallpaper ovverides my user wallpaper for the springboard, but not the lock screen. i can still change the lock screen wallpaper when this occurs, and the springboard wallpaper is the one from the theme. what can i do so that, w/o a theme, i can change the lock screen and springboard wallpapers seperately? any help is appreciated.
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    Well you can't have a Wallpaper on your Springboard without a theme. Your best bet would be to make a theme and have the Wallpaper you want in the theme named Wallpaper. And to have a different lockscreen image just make sure it is named LockBackground.

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