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Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by Numb, Mar 12, 2008.

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    I just recently jailbroke my ipoT, and I want to install a lot of apps. But i have so many questions...and hopefully people can help answer them:

    1) What applications do I HAVE to install and what do they do aka (Budsystem<-or w/e, OpenSSH, Services) Explain to me what they do and where I install.

    2) Where do I get Community Resources and what does it do?

    3) How do I install iPhysics (I am on 1.1.2)?

    4) Which chat service (Apollo, iChat) should I install? Where do I get it for 1.1.2?

    5) Where do I get the Drummer Application for 1.1.2?

    6) Where do I get themes for Customize...can I get on iPoT?

    7) What applications do you think I should get?? What applications do you have and please review them.

    EDIT: 8) How do I get Tap Tap Revolution (GH) on my iPoT? Also how do I download the taps.

    9) How do I connect to my iPod using the computer? Like how do I use it as a USB?
    Thanks...these are all my questions on jailbreak, and any one answer would be appreciated. THANKS
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    1. BSD Subsystem - Helps installer i believe.
    OpenSSH - Allows you to connect to your iPod Touch or iPhone, allowing you to change, add or edit the files.
    2. Community Sources - You can find it in installer under the sources category, it adds a bunch of well kept sources and 3rd party apps to installer.
    3. Add the source "" (Sources tab in installer, Tap Edit -> Tap Add). To install, Games Category, iPhysic's. Levelpacks, iPhysic's Category.
    4. Installer Apollo for a chat service. It's in installer, under the category Network.
    5. Drummer - Add "" as a source. Check under All Packages for "Drummer"
    6. There are some themes for customize in the touchrepo source, maintained by SkylarEC, a supermod here.
    7. Depends on what you like. iPhone apps, Apollo, iPhysic's, SUMMERBOARD.
    8. Install TTR or Tap Tap Revolution from installer. TTR songs are used from your iTunes library.
    9. WinSCP - [PICTURE GUIDE] Setting Up WinSCP *Noob Guide* - By me.

    + Rep if that helped.

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