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Discussion in 'Gameboy Advance emulator (gpSPhone)' started by robcataus, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Everyone is pointing out that the biggest improvement in 0.1.0 is the reduction of lag. Some people even claim that they don't experience it at all anymore. My games still experience lag, maybe even worse than 0.0.7 did. I've only played Advanced Wars (pretty good, and the type of game that lag won't really affect greatly), and Pokemon Emerald (same, but the lag is even worse, which slows down progress). Is a possible cause of lag the amount of applications you have installed on your ipod? Or does it literally just vary from iPod to iPod? If I uninstall some apps, would that help? Does music affect the lag? Are there any particular apps t hat, installed, especially slow down your iPod (more than anything, I have a lot of weDict dictionaries installed)?

    Thanks for any help.
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    im no expert so here is just MY educated guess.

    No, amount of files won't affect lag. On a computer harddrive it CAN, because if a harddrive is full it can take the computer alot longer to find files on the harddrive making a full harddrive significantly slower then an empty one.

    HOWEVER, on the iPot/iPhone, they use a flash-drive. This means their memory is done using flash memory. Generally lag occurs during games whenthe iPod has to do something new. (for example in Super Mario world, when a different enemy appears i experience lag) now you would think that's cause the iPod is scrambling to gather the character model of that enemy. But flash memory is VERY VERY fast, so i doubt that.

    I HONESTLY think it's cause the iPod has so much running in the background, that when it's asked to load another character, it has difficulties doing that AND keeping the video running at a reasonable speed.

    So.. in a sense, itdoes matter if you have like 20 apps that are constantly running something in the background. But generally JUST having the apps in you memory shouldn't make a difference.
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    The aplication isn't even in the phases of beta testing yet too, so don't expect anything to be perfect yet. There seems to be an update at least weekly so just keep updating and see what happens

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