Really wierd restore behaviour...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ice_cold_irony, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Jan 31, 2009
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    So, I had my Touch 2g jailbroken and had various winterboard themes and mods, a few programs, emulator etc.
    As many of you, I'm sure, have seen, things get a little wierd and there are numerous software conflicts in especially customizations.
    Anyway, all this came to be too much, and when half my video streams stopped working(I think that had something to do with the Safari Download patch) I decided to restore.
    That all went fine and I restored to 2.2.2. But when I restartd my Touch, somethings were still not quite right.
    "Problems" after my restore:
    1) Numerous Blank Icons left over
    2) Stocks, and a couple of other icons missing
    3) This one is awesome - I had the mod to get numeric battery and wifi that allows you to tap to switch between pictorial or numeric and it still works.

    It all works fine and I'm not worried in anyway but I thought people would like to hear about it and I was wondering if theres any theories as to why some stuff sticks around after a restore. I though it went back to factory state.

    Note: I'm going to restore again, so at this point I'm not sure if these changes were there before restoring my personal settings(i.e first resync after firmware restore) were applied.
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    Maybe it was the firmware you had. Maybe it was corrupted/defected.
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    I'm guessing you restored to your old ipod. Ex. You restored to "Jack's Ipod"
    Not "new ipod". So, the jailbroken apps were left behind and some system strings were left changed.

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