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    This may have allready been posted but o well.

    If you are having problems there are many reasons as to why and there are other treads to help you but this is the way i fixed my problem.

    When doing the jailbreak off installer it installs about a 160 MB file(give or take) that takes up 160 MBs of space and some of the jailbreaks will install the iphone apps to which will take up even more space. In total you should have less than 300 MB(may be more for the bigger ipods, i dont no) but if you add the iphone apps and the jailbreak it can add up to quite a big difference. I ended up having about 10 MB free after the jailbreak so if you install to much it cant add any more apps.


    1. Uninstall just about everything you can off installer.
    2. Install a program called BossTool.
    3. Enter it and click free disk space.
    4. Click on Relocate Fonts.
    It can take up to a minute but will add about 80 MBs so you can add alot more stuff.

    Hope it helps!!!

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