iOS 4.1 Read Before You Post About A Jailbreak

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    I think i speak on behalf of the staff and committed members on this site who know what there talking about when it comes to jailbreaks and unlocks.

    Even with the MAIN HOMEPAGE updated talking about all the failbr3ak, people still are going around posting or asking about the upcoming 4.1 and i guess 4.2 jailbreak. If you have not read the HomePage yet aka
    How to Tell if a "Jailbreak" is a Failbr3ak thread, then you need to. It will tell you everything about people who lie about jailbreaks and tell you if your jailbreak is a failbr3ak.

    On another note, here is how you know if a jailbreak, IS A JAILBREAK.

    The Dev Team never says when there releasing a jailbreak. They always come out of no where, which in a sense is good. Look at When that was announced, you couldn't even download the pdf file to jailbreak 4.0 because there were so many people trying to do it at once.

    Another recent post by a fake jailbreak dev was this
    You can't install terminal without first a jailbreak anyways so his post saying ".../var/JAILBREAK/BEGINJAILBREAK.ivs. Then you will allow your device to jailbreak your device,..." can't happen.

    Also his post of showing "Proof" of jailbreak on 4.1 is fake. Here is a way you can just tell. First off look at the picture here:

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    Where the hell is cydia? o i know the 2nd page. wait the bottom has no 2nd page cirlce? hm he hid it! yeah nope. Who in there right minds would hide cydia and NOT take advantage of the battery percent? anyways Microsoft paint or photoshop works wonders no?

    The Point is, you can never know when a jailbreak is going to be released. The dev team will never tell people when it is. All they will ever say is "We found an exploit! and here are the key's"

    If you ever want to see actual proof go to the following websites and stay up to date first thing!

    Trusted/Known Dev Jailbreakers

    For SHSH Blobs

    Other Site's

    I Hope this helps many of you.

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