reached 5 authorized computers/5 SH!T

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by raxater, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Yes title says all, so i just pluged in my touch, and itunes asked me to authorize this pc, now i did, and guess what! ''you already have authorized 5 compuetrs out of 5 on this account'' message appeared, and only 1 actually is authorized, it's my father's one. all the 4 others are on the full restorings of my computer exemple: i authorized mine when i was on xp,now i have fully restored it, then i authorized it when i was on seven, and fully restored it for some other reasons, and now i cant anymore on xp... WHAT DO I DO PLZ HELP ME I CANT REMOVE THOSE AUTHORIZATIONS!!!!!

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    P.S. sry for double post, but i really need someone to answer...
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    can a admin close this post, i found the answer ^^'
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    go to itunes and to your account and it should say how many you have authorized and a button that says reset

    i wish this button showed before you reached 5
    cause i have an ipod that was stolen and 2 friends ipods that can use my account

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