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    Ok before we begin there is two things i'd like to clear up:

    1) i have permission from SamLewis11 to repost this theme, he is the full creator of this Mod for the iPod
    2) The reason for this new thread is that in the old one we had the preview, then my guide, but i admit that the guide was rubbish so i released a new one on page 28 so me and Sam decided it would be best for me to create a thread that had both the Preview AND guide in one post.

    The old thread is being deleted because this one is the update

    Ok so heres the preview:

    Here is the converted version of the 'iNav Montimedia iPhone'
    I have changed icons, changed springjumps and lockscreen and much more.
    Hope you like it

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    NOTE: This has springjumps everywhere.



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    These screenies are taken before the 1.1 update, in 1.1 the text in youtube and cydia fits the theme better and the lockscreen clock is different.

    Ok to get to the homscreen you double click on any shortcut, to get through the pages you either click the shortcut or click on the next/previous page arrows

    Download here :

    Theme 1.0: http://www.[].com/download.php?2ejylfjjdy1

    Theme 1.1: www.[].com/download.php?dtyzwizycfg

    Springjumps Mod: http://www.[].com/download.php?ndyhzz1kjnw




    Ok heres the new and improved guide to installing this amazing theme:

    Before you even begin there are two things that you will need to install:
    1) Springjumps from Cydia (pretty self explanatory if you read it’s description)
    2) Sbsettings OR bossprefs from Cydia
    3) Categories from Cydia
    4) MobileMusicPlayer flip from Cydia
    5) World-Tap from Cydia
    6) WinterBoard from Cydia

    To install the theme you will need to use SSH the two best tools to do this are:
    1) Cyberduck (Mac)
    2) WinSCP (Windows)

    When you have all of these things download the springjumps Mod and the actual theme from above.

    Ok now this is where it gets more confusing but I’ll go through it slowly:

    1) You will now have 2 folders on your computer:
    a. Springjumps Mod which has in it:
    i. Page0
    ii. Page1
    iii. Page2
    iv. Page3
    v. Page4
    vi. Page5
    vii. Page6
    viii. Page7
    ix. Page8
    x. SpringJumps
    b. iNav Montimedia iPod.theme which has all of the usual files in it
    2) In the Springjumps folders Page0-Page8 the applications will look something like this:

    Ok so now that we’ve established the files that you have we can begin the actual installation:
    1) Create 3 folders in Categories “Tools”, “Games” and “Apps” (Don’t put the quote marks in the titles) sort your apps into the folders however you want, but leave out, Cydia, Mail, Safari, YouTube, iPod, Tools, Apps, Games, Photos, settings and finally Appstore
    2) Rearange your dock:
    a. You need to have Photos on the left,
    b. Appstore in the middle
    c. settings on the right
    3) For this theme to work you will have to create a blank first page but your iPod won’t allow you to do this so:
    a. Rearrange the pages like this on the first page first slot is Cydia
    b. Second page first slot is Mail
    c. Third page first slot is Safari
    d. Fourth Page first slot is YouTube
    e. Fifth page first slot is iPod
    f. Sixth page first slot is Tools
    g. Seventh page first slot is Apps
    h. And finally Eight page first slot is Games

    Now you should have eight pages with only one app of each page and a dock which has three apps on it, if you have then keep reading, if not go back and find out where you went wrong.

    Ok first go into the SpringJumps APP and hide every shortcut and turn off page numbers.

    Now we get to the hardest part of the whole thing so I’ll go through it slowly:

    1) Go into
    a. SpringJumpsMod
    i. SpringJumps
    1. You will be confronted by lots of apps with names like:
    a. –
    2) Copy ALL of these into /Applications
    3) Then go into
    a. SpringJumpsMod
    i. Page0
    1. This will have:
    a. -
    4) Copy ALL of these into /Applications also.

    Respring your iPod and you will see that your first page has page shortcuts 1-8, a big icon and lots of Page 0 shortcuts, some of these may have spilled over to the second page. And likewise your Cydia is on this page still and needs to be moved onto the second page with Mail.

    Ok for those who didn’t understand that the end result of doing the above should be:
    1) A Page full of shortcuts and one big icon
    2) A load of random SpringJump icons
    3) A second page with Mail and Cydia on it

    Ok now you have to go into Sbsettings OR bossprefs and hide all of the apps:
    i. –

    When you have done that you should rearrange it like this:
    1) Page shortcuts 1-4 along the top, E.g Cydia, Mail, Safari, YouTube (in that order)
    2) Four Page 0 shortcuts
    3) Next line: Two Page 0 shortcuts
    4) The big icon
    5) Another page 0 shortcut
    6) Page shortcuts 5-8 along the bottom E.g iPod, Tools, Apps, Games (in that order)

    Congratulations you’ve rearranged your first page!! If you’ve managed to do this then the rest will be easy because it’s all more or less the same.

    Ok so that first page will have messed up the ‘only one icon on each page’ so:
    1) On page two take the mail and move it to the next page
    2) Page three move the one that ISN’T Mail onto the next page and repeat
    3) You should now have the same layout that you did at the start (Same order of icons but with a ‘blank’ page at the start

    Page 2:

    1) Page 2 requires you to copy all of the shortcuts inside:
    a. SpringJumpsMod
    i. Page1
    2) And paste them into /Applications
    3) Then respring and rearrange like the first one but with two differences:
    a. Instead of a big icon in slot 13 you should have Cydia
    b. The Cydia SHORTCUT should now be blue
    c. Apart from that set the whole thing up like you did for page 1

    Page 3:

    1) Page 3 requires you to copy all of the shortcuts inside:
    a. SpringJumpsMod
    i. Page2
    2) And paste them into /Applications
    3) Then rearrange like page 2 but with Mail in 13th and Mail now blue

    Follow the same Pattern for the rest of the pages:
    1) Icon in 13th spot and shortcuts along the top and bottom

    The blue shortcuts should be the same as the icon E.g on the iPod page the iPod word should be blue.

    You should now have 9 pages, one icon on each with a corresponding word in blue, icon in the 13th spot and the words at the top and bottom.

    FINALLY, the part where you get to install the theme!

    SSH the whole folder: iNav Montimedia iPod.theme (this is the one that has the actual theme inside NOT the one that has another iNav Montimedia iPod.theme inside, this could happen if you Unzipped it in a certain way)

    Ok so you are going to SSH these into /themes.xxxxxx (.xxxxxx is a randomly assigned sequence of letter/numbers and is different for everyone.

    On your iPod open up WinterBoard, drag World-Tap right down to the bottom, then drag iNav Montimedia theme to the top, No Docked icon labels and also No Undocked icon labels to the top, then apply all four of them.

    And VOILA you have your newly installed iNav theme.

    Also if you want the weather in your location go into the theme and go into private then go into Configureme.js

    And then where it says:
    // The location field should be a relatively machine-legible string
    // if using the default, Apple/AccuWeather parser (originally from Leopard's Weather.wdgt)
    var locale = "Shrewsbury, UK" //e.g. 'Defiance, Ohio'|'Moscow, Russia'|'Ledyard, AT'|'London, UK'

    Change the 'Shrewsbury, UK' part to where ever u live.
    Save it and reapply it through WinterBoard,

    If you want our custom backgrounds for your categories folders go in the folders 'tools' 'apps' 'games' You need to click on the little 'i' in the bottom right hand corner and do this.
    Folder title: OFF
    Icon labels: ON
    Use background.png: ON
    Left/right scroll: ON
    Keep resident: OFF
    Rows: 3
    Icon font colour: Black
    Icons theme: iNav montimedia iPod.theme


    Please use this rather than re-post a question that has already been answered, i will try to put every answered question concerning the installation of the theme that has been posted here so be patient because it may take a while, here's what ive done so far:

    Questions & Answers:

    1) Q.How do i get an iPod icon?
    A. Go into Sources in cydia and add the SOSiphone repo, then download MobileMusicPlayer flip

    2)Q.How do i get the alien as my Wi-Fi bars?
    A.Copy the very small image posted by Lexs1411 (on page 11) , put it in the file called THIS IS IN THE BUNDLES FOLDER INSIDE THE THEME) Name it FSO_3_AirPort.png

    3)Q.My icons aren't in the right places, i have 5 on each row?
    A.Uninstall five Column Springboard.

    4)Q.How do i install the springjumps
    A. Follow the guide very carefully.

    5)Q.Some of the springjumps don't show up
    A. Go into applications, make a copy of ANY springjump (either in /applications OR in the folder on your computer) APART from the original ones OR the SpringJumps00-15( for example one in Page0) rename it with a new NUMBER, put it in /Application and respring.

    6)Q.Clock gets pushed down/ is mashed in with something else
    A.In the springjumps APP turn off page numbers

    7)Q.Do i need to SSH?

    8.Q.Do i need iBlank?
    A.No, if you have any blanks delete them

    9.Q.How do i delete my apps?
    A.To delete an app, go into categories, remove the app from the folder that its in, this will mess up the arrangement, delete the app and the theme will go back to normal.

    10.Q.(update 1.0) how do i get rid of the mask behind the clock?
    A. Its mentioned in the guide but, use world-tap

    11.Q. The background of tools is the same as apps?
    A. In 1.1 there is a new background, SSH and copy it into, /themes.xxxxxxx,iNav Montimedia iPod.theme, Folders, and overwrite the one thats already there

    12.Q.How do i take out the weather?
    A.Delete Wallpaper.html and the whole private folder

    13. Q.Where can i get update 1.1?
    A. At the top,

    14. Q.How do i delete manually installed Webclips?
    A.SSH and manually delete

    15. Q. The springjumps that i SSH don't show up?
    A. Download a thing called GuICache and run it after you SSH EVERY time. Like

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    age0, GuICache, Page1, GuICache

    Thats all i can do for now, enjoy! i will add more to the FAQ later

    If you have any questions PM me or Samlewis11

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    0 says that springjumps Mod is invaild? on [] and i can't find the "world-tap" and "mobilemusicplayer file"
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    Download source SOS iPhone in Cydia for mobilemusicplayer

    Download source in Cydia for World tap
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    This sentence made me lol...a lot. You should probably update the screenshots because people probably won't actually read the first post.
    Anyways why didn't Samm just edit the first post on the other thread and erase the old guide?
    Ok well it looks good still, inspired me to look into Springjumps but I'm still waiting for new alt icons.
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    oh, ok :] thanks

    how about the springjumps Mod?
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    Have just tested and downloaded springjumps mod from the file at the top of the page seems to be working fine try again
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    oh, it works! Thanks :]
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    It's a nice theme and all but it just hogs all the memory, lots of times below 20mb....and sometimes my apps crashed or the iPod just freezing. Like I said it's a really nice theme you guys put a lot of time into but slows down my iPod touch way too much....makes me sad to uninstall it D:
  10. Samm

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    Now that is odd, some of my apps did this before i had this :S vince alt icons tomorow hopefully

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