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    Oct 23, 2007
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    hey I just got a shuffle and since it was a present i don't have the receipt, i cant return it because it doesn't work!! I have never been so frustrated in my life and i know this is the wrong forum to say this and look for help but I just have a little tiny brick! It actually makes me feel bad against my ipod touch (which I love but is actually a second one because they had to replace my first one because of a manufactures defect) sorry for the rant but I am tired of giving up hours of my life to trying to fix things that should have been good in the first place!! Damn the shuffle and defective products! Thanks must go out for the jailbreakers of the ipod touch tho!
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    In my life of technology, never have I gotten a defective product. I think it is my gift! I have heard about these plagues, But I never got them. yellowing macbooks? nope. defective ipod touch screens. naww. cracked ds hinge. not possibly. malfunctioning cellphone? not a chance! If it did happen, I don't tolerate it.

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