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    The F84 Games team is proud to announce we recently launched our first iPad app. RailRoad Madness iPad Edition is based on our popular iPhone app. The iPad edition brings the same fun game mechanics from RailRoad Madness blended with some new features and more “madness”.
    Now players can select from 4 different levels, control the speed of the trains while being challenged with broken tracks.

    Game Description: As the conductor it's up to you to safely guide each train to its proper station by swiftly swiping the track switches, while collecting items and fixing broken tracks along the way. But whatever you do, don't get too many wrong arrivals and DO NOT let the trains collide!

    It can be a maddening job directing so many trains at once, but with lightning-fast reflexes, nerves of steel, and a desire to be the best, you may just be able to avoid disaster and earn a place among the top 100 players on the Railroad Madness Online Leader Boards.
    New Game Features:
    • Four Unique Levels including: Farmy Town, High Desert, Alpine Run and Big City.
    • Track Path System helps you navigate your trains.
    • Broken Tracks and Fix-It Trains add to the Madness.
    • Four Speeds to Control your game pace. (Slow, Steady, Full Steam, Madness)
    • A playful new soundtrack.
    • Colorful and vibrant artwork.
    • Arcade Style Online Leader Boards for each level.

    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/railroad-madness-ipad-edition/id377139065?mt=8

    You can also check out our site for the game: www.railroadmadness.com

    Get on board today! We look forward to hearing your feedback/reviews.
    The F84 Games Team

    Twitter: Floor84Studio

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