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Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X Jailbreak' started by skankster, Mar 22, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    There seems to be a few of us having the same issue Jailbreaking our Ipods.
    Its a nightmare, we've had to wait ages to get the ability to Jailbreak and now it seems that a few of us have to wait even longer due to not being able to restore to the custom firmware in Itunes.
    Allthough the ERROR messages vay, most notably 1604 and 13, it seems we are stuck on the same point, namely when restoring.

    Quickfreedom seems to work for the majority, but for some ( including myself ) , its not working.

    If you have a simliar problem, IE. everything works fine up till the last point possible, the leave any ideas, feedback, moans or solutions here and maybe we can work this out.

    My own experience:
    Quickfreedom works great, my Ipod is happily sat in DFU mode. Itunes tells me that its PREPARING to restore. Then I hear a few dding noises ( like USB being unplugged), Then after a few mins i get the same message " IPOD cant be restores.....Error 1604.

    Anyway, Im off to try again......if I have any luck I will be straight back on here with my solution for you.....
    Good Luck

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    I was getting the 1604 error. I had successfully gone through the steps of QuickFreedom. The screen was white. It was definitely connected in DFU mode and had gone through pre-jail break mode. Three times did iTunes see it as an iPod that needed restoring. Three times did I hold shift and click restore, selecting the custom image from my file system. Three times did it start and three times did it fail after hanging at "Preparing iPod for restore". Each time took about three minutes.

    I switched which USB port the device was plugged into, and it worked.

    For the record, this was with iTunes version

    Edit: Fixed tyops.

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