Quick Review: Philips H8006 Sport Headphones

Discussion in 'Audiophiles: Headphones, Earphones, etc.' started by Ryuzaki, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Just a quick review on some earphones that I happened to pick up from my local Apple store about a week ago. I've used them and I've decided to write a review.

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    Cost: $49.99(Apple Store) $39.99(Amazon)
    Type: Around the ear/into the ear

    So like I said I picked up a pair from the Apple Store for $50 because I need a new pair of earphones so I was happy to find these.

    At first impression I didn't like them because I'm bias to earbuds that don't go around the ear so I plugged them in my iPhone 3G (Unable to use the mic controls but I'll come back to that.) And I was surprised after switching the earbud covers (whatever those spare earbuds are called) and they fit perfect and sounded as good, if not better than my Apple Earbuds. Playing with the EQ did hardly anything though but the quality was fine on normal EQ.

    Mic on these earphones work even better than the stock Apple earphones. After talking with many people that I've called they have been saying that my phone never sounded more clear.

    Controls on the earphones are great clearly and physically seen and felt. Making using them very easy to use.

    Bottom line: The earphones are great. But they're pricey.

    Easy to feels controls
    Mic better than Apple headphones
    Secure feeling in-ear.

    Not that much better than Apple Earphones
    Extra $10 at Apple Store

    So I'd give it a 4/5 and say go buy them from Amazon instead of the Apple Store.
    Note: Crappy review, I know. Just doing this short review before bed. Might come back and touch up later.
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    Ehh, they're still $40 and as you say, it is not much better than the apple earphones. At the $40 price range, the beta brainwavz is a much better pair of earphones.

    or u can go to apple store and bye skullcandies and beets by mr dre or go to the apple store and then go buy the stock apple earfones.

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