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    Ello all, I've been off the IPT scene for a while now (been busy life sucks like that) But anyways, So the need finally arose where i needed to make calls from my touch. using google voice, gizmo, and fring (for some reason siphon wouldnt work =/ but fring seemed to work just fine form *shrugs* w/e)

    anyways, i was wondering if there has ever been a hack released to use bluetooth headsets, both audio and mic, with a 2nd gen ipodtouch. any info would be very helpful. =] thanks in advance!


    Edit: oh come on 30+ views and no answer. its a simple yes or no answer. and if its yes the name of said program / link to a thread / hint of what to look for. so can someone please post and say if it has or hasnt been done yet??

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