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    ok well here's my problem
    yesterday I set up their pplication be everybody worked fine with it and this morning I turned on my iPod and went to check my mail and when I opened the app it just crashed and went to the spring board so I saidok and went to settings and checked if my account was there it wasn't so I reinput all of the info be it saved correctly. I went to the icon and the same thing happened again so then I went to the installer to get the mail fix installed that and clicked on the mail icon and the same thing happens
    ps the only changes I made late last night was I followed ipodtouchmasters tutorial on fixing summerboard which requires coping some long command into putty and then setting the permisions on all of the things inside of the coreservices folder to755 without the folders in there of course. So my question is how can I fix this issue and could it bdle because of what I had to do in the coreservices folder.
    Edit-the mail application worked before I did the permisions thing in coreservices folder

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