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Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by Superstar, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I'm going to be buying an 8GB ipod touch this week while I'm in NY. Where I'll be staying I'll only have access to a mac computer so I thought I'd keep the jailbreak process simple by downgrading if necessary and jailbreaking to 1.1.1 and download some of the desired apps such as maps, iphyscs, summerboard, gpSPhone, labyrinth and more. In 3 weeks when I'm back at home with my Vista PC I thought I'd JB to 1.1.3

    Now with such a simple 1.1.3 JB available I'm tempted to try that out but I'm concerned with app compatibility issues. Would those apps and others operate properly on a jailbroken 1.1.3 ipod? Would I need to use the mac to get these to work? (besides the downgrading part)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, most of the time, When you download something incompatible, your iPod crashes, not in a bad way, but you cannot control it for about 10 seconds then it will go back to the home screen.

    I recommend you downloading the app pack with ipodtouchmaster05's repository. You don't understand what I am saying but keep searching the forums and read the latest stickies for help.

    To see the benefits of jailbreaking, I will show you the apps that make jailbreaking very good:

    Customize - Change the general look of your iPod
    Summerboard - Add themes and use them right from your iPod
    Mobilechat and apollo - great IM apps, they don't work in 1.1.3 right now.
    iPhone app pack - have notes, stocks, weather, mail, and maps, move icons as well.

    Pocket Guitar - One of the best apps, Play a guitar like real


    Lockbox - Password safe
    Books - read books and even download them from installer
    MacCalc -A scientific Calculator
    VNSea - A truly amazing application, fun to play with, control your computer (congratulations you have a mac) right from your iPod

    OpenSSH - Basically, you can see the files and edit them from your computer with wireless connection.
    Convert - currency, kitchen, clothing, time, area, volume, length
    LEDBanner - self explanatory
    iPhysics - too addictive
    SysInfo - Monitor your iPod
    iRadio - radio
    BossPrefs-I suggest you dont use Services
    gpsPhone -gameboy advance
    nes- nintendo entertainment system
    snes-super nintendo entertainment system
    todolist-to do list? get it?
    Rainbowlight - I don't know who made this but it is fun to have
    MobileFinder- Finder in your iPod? wtf h4x
    Towers of hanoi- you don't know what you are missing
    BSD-Subsystem-Just install it
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    Terms you need to know:

    Installer-Download your apps from here
    SSH-Secure shell
    alpine-password for SSH
    root-username on ssh
    IP Address-Address needed for SSH
    Repository-website used for more applications in installer
    sources-list of sites used for downloading applications from installer
    BSD Subsystem-Unix tools
    Jailbreak-free from clutches from apple, add more 3rd party apps
    Wi-Fi-Wireless Fidelty, Wireless Internet
    Crash-When your i
    Brick-Ipod is so messed up, it may be unrestorable
    Restore-Final choice if all else fails
    recovery mode-If you cannot restore on iTunes, hold both the home and sleep button for 10 seconds, when you see the apple symbol, let go of the sleep button.
    1.1.1-easiest to jailbreak, just go to jailbreakme.com
    1.1.2-simple to jailbreak
    1.1.3-quite complicating to jailbreak to those not used to the iPod touch environment
    iTunes 7.6- Breaks oktoprep hack. Should be at iTunes 7.5 for easier 1.1.2 jailbreak
    Springboard-Home screen for iPod touch, has the apps shown, music videos, calendar, etc.

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    Woah! Thanks man! I appreciate really appreciate your posts!

    I have been doing a lot of research so I do have the general idea of how to jailbreak and what apps to aquire (although now I know even more thanks to your list

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    As for what I'll do, I really don't want things to be long and complicated so I might just stick to a laikbroken 1.1.1 for the two weeks I'm in NY. The apps I want should work on it. When I'm back home I'll start all over and JB into 1.1.3, at which point the FW will hopefully be more stable!
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    Thanks, mate! I didn't start the post, but enjoied it as well!



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