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    I have a choice of buying a ipod touch or a iPhone, I dont know which one to choose because the new touch is cheaper but the phone has more functions.
    I am planning on jailbreaking whichever one I buy

    1. I was wondering, is there a way to use the iPhone without getting a plan or using the phone function? so it becomes a touch with more functions...

    2. Can I download skype on touch (or iphone) and use that to talk with people? any pros or cons about that?

    3. How far does the device have to be to receive wireless? (compared to a laptop)

    4. How does a mic work? I have a nano 4g but the mic that works on my computer doesnt work on the nano... or am I not suppose to put the mic into the headphone jack?

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    Is the mic for ipod different from the ones for computer?

    5. Where to get cheap accessories for ipod?

    6. Should I wait until the next generation come out to buy touch (assuming you recommand touch over iphone ... By the way, when will the next touch or phone come out?

    7. So... which one would be better after mods? (which one is cheaper, more functions, etc)

    8. Sorry for all the questions, is there anything else I should know?
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    Apr 15, 2009
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    1. yes just jailbreak it when you get it

    2. yes you can and yes its dirt cheap to use skype as long as you have wifi

    3. depends on where you live, what room your in, what router you have etc.

    4. im not sure actually but you can get ipod touch mics for pretty cheap

    5. best buy, wal mart, EBAY! haha

    6. we'll have to wait and see what apple improves and most likley we will find this out in october/november

    7. i actually returned my ipod to sams club intending to get the iphone for the camera and cycorder etc. but ended up getting a go phone plan so i cann add stuff as i need.

    8. if you have the money buy an iphone and just jailbreak it and get a crappy go phone plan with a phone and then take the sim card out and trash the phone. i just want unlimited texting and thats 20$ a month with at&t so i got that. you can order online and all you have to do is buy a 10 dollar phone to get the sim card and yea.

    oh and welcome to the forums

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