Questions about the Orb Live 2.0 web app

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    Orb Live 2.0 released: "Orb Live Free" or "Orb Live" $9.99 at the iTunes web app store for iPhone and Touch 2G

    I am looking at the Orb Live web app's system requirements at the Orb Live website, and in both my PC and on my Touch 2G, and it says it is possible to "see" web TV even if you do not have a TV tuner inside a fast home system PC on always ON broadband.

    My questions are:

    1. web TV, like watch-movies. net or ...?
    I didn't see how to tell Orb Live to "see" these, if streaming video or what?
    Do I configure this on Orb Live, at my laptop?

    Which brings me to..

    2. Orb Live on my laptop didn't even see iTunes or Safari on my 'doze Vista. I have some podcasts, TV shows, DVD's and HD in iTunes I would like to see on my Touch 2G. How do I have Orb Live "see" this stuff?


    3. My laptop is never going to be "fast" (1.7 CPU) so is it possible, because "sharing" is possible, in Orb Live, to have the login information from a fast PC always ON broadband person, and share?
    I mean, would it be reasonable to have a "friendly network" of Orb Live viewers share a fast server-PC having always ON broadband? And, is anybody interested? I would help pay for the always ON broadband fast server-PC I am so very interested.

    Do I wait and hope, instead, iTV will have streaming video?

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