Questions about configuring AnyCity Live Weather

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by geekgrrl, Jul 25, 2009.

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    5G iPod touch
    I have an iPod Touch 2G, not an iPhone.

    I do not want Status Notifier icons to appear in the top bar. I did not install it. Is that okay?

    I do want Lockscreen Info for the 6-day weather forecast display. I did install it.

    However, I do not want "Calendar" "Voicemail" "SMS" "Twitter - Direct Messages - Friend's Timeline - Mentions announcements, nor the three other lines "Not Found".

    I would like to have the qTweeter app however without notifications.

    I did input the correct zipcode in configureMe.js

    However, I get a brief "New York City" then, I get a zipcode near me.

    Naturally, I want to use my own Background.

    I copied the Background jpg, in Hypersnap 6. I did a Save As "transparent" .png and named it the zipcode. I put the zipcode in for the "p id" in Wallpaper.html using Edit Pad Pro as per instructions in the More Info, and this, eliminated New York City, now showing briefly the zipcode, then the name of the town near me and I have the Wallpaper because I put it in the AnyCity Live Weather > Cities folder.

    note: It only briefly shows the New York City, now the zipcode, after a Slide to Power Off.

    This has to be configureMe.js zipcode, so is it okay to use the name of the small town near me? Okay, I did. It works.

    However, I have the problem of having, now, Cupertino weather and all the Twitter and other notices in lines on the Lockscreen, I do not want.

    How do I fix that?



    Make selections: Settings > LockInfo

    Thank you, for a nice GUI app that will do all that and lets us choose.
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    if you want your own background just go to the iphone settings.. then click on wallpaper and change it.

    whatever you set there will show both on the lockscreen and on the springboard. if you add your own Wallpaper.png that will override that and I dont recommend it.

    The quick New York City that you see before your zip code pops up on the springboard is just a placeholder.

    once the city name pops up remember that. When you change the p id instead of putting in a zipcode just put that exact same city name in it. The weather info is just loading in the background and you will see whatever you write there until it finishes loading.. So if you were to write the actual name of your city it would look basically like it was seamless.. know what i mean?

    as for the cities folder that is contained inside it that is just so i could distribute the wallpapers that i have.. you still need to save it in a way that you cna get the background on your phone.. save it to your desktop.. email or mms it to your iphone.. then save it on the device.. go to settings wallpaper and find the picture and set it as your background.

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