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    I'm producing a trailer as part of my coursework, and I will be grateful if anyone can fill out the questionnaire, thank-you!

    Favorite three genres of film:
    How many hours of Television do you watch per week:
    How many hours per week do you use the internet:

    How often do you watch a Thriller film per month:
    What elements of a Thriller film do you enjoy (i.e Suspense):
    Is the story line more important or technical aspects (i.e Camera angle) that make a good Thriller film:

    What is generally expected of a Thriller film:

    What is the most important aspect for a Thriller film for example sound, lighting and costume etc.:

    Do you enjoy plot twists and cliffhangers and red herrings (diverting attention from something in a film, for example a love story) in films:

    Would you prefer in a Thriller film the story line is explained throughout the film, or for the audience to work out the story line of the film:

    Based on the name of the genre would you pick Action-Thriller, Crime-Thriller, Paranoid-Thriller or Psychological Thriller:

    Please leave comments on what would make a good Thriller film and what would attract you in a trailer for a thriller film, such as fast paced editing. What kind of information would you like to know in a trailer for a Thriller film for example date of release?

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