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    This is my first/second iPod Touch, I had to return my first one this morning due to a defective battery that would not hold its charge for very long and started dieing within an hour of being on an app. Got a new one this morning.

    It's been in the charging position since 11:30AM and it's now 4:10PM and this is what I'm getting...

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    The cylinder doesn't even show a full charged bar. Is it supposed to be like that on the new charge?

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    It's been showing this for a few hours. Is it charged fully and it's just showing that? Confused.

    UPDATE! I finally just took it out of the charging, restarted iTunes, and popped it back in and now it says it was charging, and then it said completely charged and bar is completely green. So ... what just happened? D:
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    So ... no one could figure out what this was? :/

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