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    I see this message up in a lot of people's sigs and did the reading about this 1.1.3 prep that messes up your touch.

    I looked through my sources and I don't even see that one listed.

    I also looked through my packages to see if the 1.1.3 install prep was there (as if I wouldn't already know...right) and it looks like i didn't download it by accident.

    I DO however have the JMCO package called:

    Name: Important UPDATE
    Version: 20.02
    Size: 89.9 KB
    Contact: JMCO

    An important system Update

    This popped up in update i'm gunna say about a week or so ago and I installed it. Nothing bad has happened but does anyone know exactly what this is? Should I uninstall it? Should I just leave it? Any info would be much appreciated.

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